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Importance of Accurate Birth Details - Horoscope Yearly

Importance of Accurate Birth Details

Horoscope Yearly

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Importance of Accurate Birth Details In AstrologyImportance of Accurate Birth Details in Astrology


As traditionally believed, the time of birth determines the exact location of two of the most significant symbols in the astrology chart. These are the very fast moving Ascendant and the Mid-heaven and both make a full cycle through all the 12 signs of the zodiac every 24 hours. It means these two significant points also determine the placement of the planets in the 12 houses of astrology.


The rising zodiac sign is called defined as the Ascendant on the horizon at the exact moment of your birth. It represents the exact dawning of your life on Earth. It is where you find your most natural expression in the world. It is also believed to be the analogous to an outer doorway that leads to our innermost and private sanctum we most normally keep hidden away from others.


The rising zodiac sign  reflects a person’€™s natural way of acting, habitual external behavior and ways to respond to new impulses and impressions. Sometimes, we often find difficulty in recognizing these traits or character as being a part of us. That is why Ascendant or our rising sign plays an important part in our character. You can carefully observe yourself over a period of time if you really want to know the €real you€ and that is the time when Ascendant characteristics become clear to us. It is the great foundation of our personality.


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There is a point on your birth chart or natal chart that reflects your public reputation and how you would like to be introduced or seen by others in society, it is called the Mid-heaven. It said to be the analogous to a flag waving from the highest tower of your castle and it reflects your chosen career or some other avocation or interest to which you ascribe import. It is also called €the persona€™, the outer or external and impersonal mask that we construct to protect the true inner core of our personality from the everyday bumps and bruises of the external or what we call €the real world€.


A celestial mirror functioning on the inner-world of your psyche and the various characters contained in your birth chart reflect back and bring in a pretty accurate map of where you have been, who you are and where you’€™re going. Our birth chart reflects the exact moment we drew our first breath in which we began our own incredible journey through life on Earth.


The Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto play their own unique symbolic roles as celestial contributors and ambassadors of the universe.


It is always highly recommended to have and use a recorded time of your birth such as the one that can often be found on one’€™s certificate of birth. Dig a little deeper and take extra effort and time to locate your recorded birth time. It is in your best interest to source all of the regular options or channels of locating an accurate and recorded time of your birth.


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Video On The Importance of Accurate Birth Details In Astrology – How to Read a Birth Chart in Astrology and Vedic Astrology



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