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5 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards - Horoscope Yearly

5 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards

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5 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards5 Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards


Tarot cards remain a topic of discussion among many people around the globe. From amateurs to professionals all love to read them. Some do that just for fun while some make a living by reading them. A lot of interesting facts and history are associated with them.


So in this article I want to share the five interesting facts about tarot cards that’ll blow your mind:


1. These cards came to Europe for first time in 1300. At that time these cards weren’t used for divination purposes and were introduced from China as a gaming resource. Before china they’re believed to be originated in India around 1000 years ago.

After introduction of tarot cards in Europe a large number of new games were developed. However, at that time these cards weren’t known as ‘tarot cards.’ The first time when they were mentioned as ‘tarot cards’ dates back to 1440s. It happened in Italy and those days these cards were used as a different version of the traditional deck of cards.

2. Tarot cards are different in many terms from traditional deck of cards that we play. They’re more complicated to be used for gaming purposes because they don’t have numbers or suits created on them.

Regardless of these complications they were used for gaming purposes in those ancient days. Instead of ranking cards the images present on them were used for depicting certain meanings and players of cards used to rely on their memory of these meanings for determining the importance of a particular card.


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3. The very first public use of tarot cards for divination purposes dates back to 1785. It took place in France when Jean-Baptiste Alliette performed in public demonstrating the influence of cards.


On further research it was found that images and symbols printed on the cards linked to ancient mythology and history of Egypt. Since then the beliefs of accessing our inner-spirituality through tarot cards started spreading wildly.


4. Today tarot cards are the most popular form of divination and they’re used worldwide for such purposes. Many people still use them for fun, but for many people they’re an important part of lives because.


Many people use them for shaping their future. Many rely on these cards for various other aspects of their life like financial decisions, love life and career decisions etc.


5. Reading your own cards requires much more intuition and proper understanding of cards in comparison to reading someone else’s cards.



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Video: Interesting Facts About Tarot Cards – The Lost History of Tarot Cards



Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/tarot-articles/5-interesting-facts-about-tarot-cards-6963471.html

About the author:Ashish Bhatnagar For finding more tarot info visit skeptikerforum.se.

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