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Introduction to Clocks, Seasons and Cycles - Horoscope Yearly

Introduction to Clocks, Seasons and Cycles

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Introduction to Clocks, Seasons and Cycles

Introduction to Clocks, Seasons and Cycles


Ever since astrology’€™s origins began, with ancient civilizations developing sophisticated calendrical system to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as astrological signs€™ of a divine communications€™, many of our ancestors had believed these celestial bodies, the sun, moon, and planets, have an effect on personality, human affairs, and natural events.


As astrology’€™s popularity escalated by the 20th century driven by the popularizing effect of newspaper horoscopes and New Age philosophies, and the reawakened intellectual interest in statistically testing astrology’s claims, more and more people have undoubtedly believed the sun, moon, and planets influence on the human body and the planet Earth.


However, ever since astrology was discredited 600 years ago with the birth of modern science, there are still many skeptics that viewed the practice of astrology as a way for astrologers to avoid making provable predictions and attach significance to random and unrelated events, in a way that suits their purpose.


So what to believe? With these confusing opposing opinions, many people are questioning astrology’€™s core principles.


Clock, Seasons and Cycles in Astrology: Evidentiary Cause and Effect Patterns
Though many people ignorantly equate the entire science of astrology with the ever-increasing popularity of daily horoscope columns, astrology sign/ zodiac sign personality profiling, the annual tabloid predictions, serious astrologers have conducted a lot of scientific studies that have validated astrological principles.


Astrologers have made an observation and documentation of the planets movements and its effect on humanity. Out of these observations, astrologers have discovered patterns as well as a consistent predictable cause and effect situations as planets line up in mathematical angles to one another such as: the tidal flow of the world’s oceans corresponds to the waxing and waning of the moon, as does the menstrual cycle mental disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the result of the long nights and weeks during winter when the sun does not appear in the sky as long; however, on the equator, where the sun is stronger and appears for longer periods, SAD does not exist. 


According to a study conducted by Douglas McMahon a Professor of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University, the season of birth may have long-term effects on personality. The full moon marks a monthly peak in various kinds of psychotically oriented crimes such as murder, arson, dangerous driving, and kleptomania.


According to the American Institute of Medical Climatology which did a study for the Philadelphia Police Department and which results were documented in a report entitled “The Effect of the Full Moon on Human Behavior monthly lunar cycle” The report can be used in choosing the timing and gender of babies for according to the study by the Southern California Methodist Hospital, it discovered that more babies are conceived on the waxing moon than on the waning.


Out of 11,025 births over a period of six years, nearly 1,000 more children were conceived during the waxing moon which is statistically significant farmers use as basis when to plant their crops the sun’€™s seasonal effects correlation between a person’s chosen profession and their astrological birth chart.


According to Gauquelin, a French psychologist and statistician, the position of the stars had some indication as to what line of work a person may enter in life. He found that people of certain professions tend to have the same planets in these critical segments with a greater frequency than statistical average.


With these evidentiary cause and effect patterns, it could be said that astrology has also played a significant role in many important aspects of the human experience throughout history. Gauquelin’s findings placed astrology firmly on the doorstep of science, as it attempts to prove that astrology is partly scientific observation and partly psychic premonition.


What do you think of Gauquelin’s findings?


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