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Astrology & Libido Needs; Where Is Your Mars? - Horoscope Yearly

Astrology & Libido Needs; Where Is Your Mars?

Horoscope Yearly

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Astrology & Libido Needs; Where Is Your Mars? LOVE RELATIONSHIP SERIESAstrology & Libido Needs;

Where Is Your Mars?



MARS –Male Libido– NEEDS SEX for a Man is a hard fact driven by LIBIDO. The positioning of Mars in the birth chart is the primary planet that will give you an indication of sex drive.


Owning an exalted Mars, in Aries or Leo for example, well aspected with the other planets can leave you with a libido that seeks sexual pleasure several times day, day in and day out.


This is not wrong!

This is Your Libido.

Best you know it.

Best you own it.

Best you find a sexual partner who matches it!


If you want sex 2-5 times a day you have a high libido and strong Mars. One of the key ingredients, if not The Key Ingredient to a happy successful love relationship is feeling satisfied that your sex drive is satisfied. If you crave sweet and all you get is salty, eventually you will INSTINCTUALY go searching for the sweetness.


When you follow your natural animal instinct and do not let your mind interfere too much in interrupting this process, you can count on your primal Mars energy to guide you to the correct sexual partner.


Hint: Smell is a clue!

It is the reason why so many people often go back to that original sweetheart after one or more failed marriages. When the body is young and full of OJAS, the sacred fluid, and TEJAS, the sacred fire, it is not the brain, (well larger brain we are talking about) but the animal instinct that tells us who matches the light flow to the central fire in the groin. The absolute best match for a strong Mars is another strong Mars.


We are all programmed with the “  Mars functions. Women are also intrinsically motivated by their libido. When analyzing two charts for compatibility, the first place I look is to the placement of Mars in both charts. For a love relationship to really blossom organically, there must be a flow between his Mars and her Mars.


Sexual Libido is also the engine to homosexual relationships. 
When you see a happy glowing couple there is just energy of adoration and happiness that emits from a soul who is with a partner who is satisfying them sexually. Homosexual relationships are easier in many ways because one is dealing with the same physical expression thus pleasing your partner is a bit like pleasing yourself.


Historically ancient cultures eventually give in to the fact and make space for what is a human reality. If a man does not have his sexual needs met by his wife, he will go in search of a place he can tend to his primal needs.


In our modern times, with our modern culture, many women have not yet accepted this fact and degrade the entire situation without taking any accountability. This is sad and unfair for the male species. Libido is not something one has much choice over; rather a physical side effect of a soul frequency charge.


When basic fundamental needs are not met, over time, a man will default to his Mars Position. Frustration can lead to another Mars trait; anger and aggression. Release of Anger is not a bad thing. Release of Anger along with verbal, emotional, or physical abuse is wrong. Managing your Mars is Your Responsibility.


Over a period of time, sexual frustration will lead to other negative side effects that only make the situation worse. I wonder how often the truth is spoken in front of a judge during a divorce proceeding, or in front of a mother in law as one is trying to explain why they are leaving the relationship.


It is a bit of a taboo subject that is seldom talked about, but very often the core spark that sets off the series of fires that eventually ruined the full blossoming of the entire garden of love.


Matching libidos is important stuff!


Once you have your basic needs met you are free to move onto your desires. Passion is the fuel that spurs creativity and again is indicated by the placement of your Mars frequency. 
It is not wrong for someone to be a more or less passionate individual, but if one gets extremely excited about almost everything, and the other rarely feels the surge of passion there will be a mismatch. Understanding this from a non-personal perspective ahead of time will go a long way in avoiding grief later on.
One of the main reasons you go in search of tools such as Astrology, in it’s real form, is to understand who you are. One of the fundamental tools that Vedic astrology is used for it to assess the compatibility of two individuals.


There is no right and wrong here. Your personal libido belongs to your personal journey in this lifetime. How you share your libido packet is your personal responsibility as you are the manager of your life.


Your soul may not be on the journey of expressing a high libido in this lifetime. You may be here to use your vital energy in more of an intellectual way. You may have almost all of your planets in air signs, rather than fire and water, which will make you less aggressive on the physical front.


Again, best you find your match; two people both of whom do not have much interest in sex, will find comfort in the safety of knowing that their comfort zone is not being violated.This is not wrong. It merely IS.


Sex is a divine creative expression that is rooted in the physical. Transforming the energy through your brain by using ancient given techniques of breath and meditation is one way to channel your libido. It is a great way to grow an intimate relationship. Again if one wants to go in this direction and another has no interest eventually there will be a disconnect.


We are spirits inhabiting a physical form. Read about this subject in an upcoming article.



Is he or she the right one?The Lovers Report is a compatibility and relationship report, a report that provides an in-depth description on how you relate to a partner or friend. Actually this report consists of four separate reports in one, starting with how you approach relationships, the role you tend to take on when relating to others. The report then goes on to describe how you feel about and relate to your particular lover and partner, how they affect you, and how compatible you are. Equally important, however, is the section on how they see and relate to you, which may not be the same as you feel about them. And last, there is a section on what your partner wants and needs out of the relationship.
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Article Written By Paddi Moore



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