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Mystical Power of Gemstones - Horoscope Yearly

Mystical Power of Gemstones

Horoscope Yearly

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Mystical Power of GemstonesMystical Power of Gemstones


Apart from their use as ornamental instruments used in gemstone jewelry, gemstones have been used for remedial purposes in accordance with astrology for centuries. While many make fun of the idea of gems having any influence on us, others have complete faith in this science. But before experimenting with stones, it is important to understand more about them.


How do they really work?
To take an example, Jupiter is related with the color BLUE. Most wealthy individuals acquire a strong Jupiter in their horoscopes. If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, you may be required to balance it out by wearing a natural yellow sapphire or topaz, as yellow stones transmit light blue color waves. Similarly, Saturn is a very strong planet, and it has an effect on ones work, employment and aging.


While it has a dark, malicious nature, if properly balanced it can also bring great benefits. Saturn transmits its energy through VIOLET waves, which are found in gems like blue sapphires and amethysts.  In this manner, gemstones are used to balance out the influence of planets.

Why gems?

Gemstones are the most natural means of transmitting color waves to your body. They encourage the transmission of pure color, and can be worn permanently, therefore ensuring a constant influence.

Thus, when wearing a gemstone, care should be taken to confirm that it is kept in constant contact with the skin, and should not be removed.  If wrongly worn, the stones may even have an adverse effect on your health. The blue sapphire is an especially powerful stone, and should not be worn unless and until it suits you.

With the popularity of these gem varieties as a means to make a fortune, the ways in which they are worn have also shown diversities to match fashion trends. Usually, worn in the form of gemstone rings, these stones are now seen as gemstone earrings, pendants and bracelets as well. Sometimes, different gemstones are combined to form a single piece of jewelry as seen in gemstone necklaces.


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