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New Astrology Signs

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In response to – Article on New Zodiac Signs


This is written by someone who understands astronomy and not astrology. Western tropical astrology is based on the seasons and starts at what we call the 0 Aries point at the spring equinox ( its at 6 or 5 pisces right now i think in sidereal or the “actual”observable zodiac), we then use an equal 30 degree segment through each sign on the suns path.


The equinox did once line up with the constellations, (that serve as the backdrop and the inspiration for astrology) however with the precession of the equinox, they don’t line up anymore. Tropical Astrology is a “symbolic” solar based system oriented to earth cycles and seasons which remain constant not the constellations. (With the beginning of each season lining up with O degrees of the Cardinal signs Aries/spring, Cancer/Summer, Autumn/Libra, Capricorn/Winter)


For example let’s say that Grand Central Station is the constellation of Aries and the train is the sun.  The train pulls into Platform SE (Spring Equinox) on March 21st.  We notice that we have pulled into Grand Central … we  get out and make the following observations.. the temperature is warmer, the flowers are blooming, you hear more birds, people seem to be more active.. oh lets call it Spring. Cut to 2000 years later the train is still pulling into Platform SE as it always does (and will continue to) yet the train stops and we don’t see the Grand Central Station building.. it has been moved. 


We are confused? Maybe its not spring anymore? We get out and observe that.. oh it’s still warm, the flowers are still blooming, what’s that I hear? … ahh many a beautiful bird song in the air.  All of the same observations can be made.  It is not Grand Central Station (or our Aries constellation) that made all of these things happen, it was simply our landmark, and perhaps at that time astrologers thought there was a connection.  However we now know in Western astrology that we are observing patterns in relation to the “apparent” movement of the Sun to the earth not to the constellations.


Vedic astrologers do use the sidereal zodiac which IS based on the orientation of the earth relative to the background constellations.  Its all about vantage points and in Western astrology we are geocentric.  🙂 They say that when looking at both the western and vedic chart of an individual the same messages and themes are there – its an individual’s cosmic imprint spoken in different languages. We all agree that “love, l’amour, l amor are the same thing no? Astrology is just that.. a language.


So fear not your sign is still the same in the Western world.


There’s A New Zodiac Sign! “Ophiuchus”

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