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Personal Path Reading - Horoscope Yearly

Personal Path Reading

Horoscope Yearly

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Personal Path ReadingPersonal Path Reading

 The revelations and insight that personal path reports uncover will enable you to build self confidence, take better control of your life and give you more tools to better understand yourself and your destiny. The truths you will learn through your astrology reading personal path natal report will change your life for the better and give you the knowledge you need to prosper.


The personal path report draws upon 634 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, your astrology compatibility, describing your personal houses, astrology chart, planetary aspects and astrology sign placements.


These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them. Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances. How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the “right” choices.


Get your sample personal path report – you will simply be amazed at the clarity it will provide. If you do not know your own personal faults, gifts, attributes and talents, you will have a hard time taking full advantage of your life potential. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


Natal Directive Composition

Natal Directive Composition by Jamie VanZuuk

For those of you new to the study of astrology, this is an interesting introduction to what it is that makes you who you are, who you are destined to be, and who you feel you are. For those of you who are not necessarily new to the study of astrology, this reading could easily serve as a life coaching motivational or a much needed reminder about what it is you’re truly capable of in this lifetime when the responsibilities and complications of the day-to-day routine take your attentions away from this.


Currently Jamie offers incredible discounts for her readings! Your Full Natal Chart Reading costs now only 99.00 USD instead of 200.00 USD! Book your reading ASAP! The are few vacancies left! 

Personalized Reading with the astrologer regarding your Natal Chart offers a number of obvious advantages comparing with computer-generated natal reports. The astrologer looks at the strongest points of the chart which are impossible to reveal with even the best software. Besides, you are able to ask specific question which bother you so, the astrologer can look at these areas even more carefully.

* The Reading can be provided either personally by phone or Skype or in a form of a written report.

Once your Reading has been purchased, we will respond within 24 hours for scheduling your session! Please feel free to send us any comments, questions or notes about the reading by email. SEE DETAILS:

* All Readings include mp3 Recording and Charts

Click Here To Order A Natal Directive Composition


Astrology: Personal Path Reading – Numerology Life Path 6 Astrology Secrets Of The Deep – Receive your 100 % free reading right here: …View More:



FREE Detailed Birth Chart

Enter the details of your birth here to get a 100% FREE Birth Chart

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