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Prediction of Future Events - Horoscope Yearly

Prediction of Future Events

Horoscope Yearly

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Horary Astrology - Prediction of Future EventsHorary Astrology – Prediction of Future Events


The answering of questions of questions in the light of planetary influences is popularly known as Horary Astrology or the Prasna Sastra. It relates to the important events in the daily events and happenings of human life. This branch of astrology indeed forms the most useful and prominent aspect of astrological science.



It helps a lot in foretelling the occurrences of many important future events beforehand. How and when a event will take place, what may be their exact nature, when will they terminate favorably, who is instrumental for them and how far are those events beneficial or detrimental to the interest of the party concerned are all foretold by astrologers without reference to the birth chart.



If any obstacle or hindrance is thrown in the way of success of any undertaking or enterprise, and if such hindrances are ascertained beforehand by means of Horary Astrology, then ways to minimize such obstacles or hindrances or completely overcome such evils can be resorted, so that in future no things smoothen out in future and progress can be made.



In the case of horary astrology, we first of all ascertain the exact time at which a question is asked and for the time mark, the positions of planets and the Ascendants is determined. The ascendant is called the Prasna Lagna or the rising sun at the time of the question.


Horary Astrology - Prediction of Future Events

1. The success and failure in any undertaking, such as the starting of business, examination results etc. should be predicted with reference to the Prasna lagna. The object of the person involved will succeed if a beneficial sun rises and joins the favorable navamsa.



2. If at the time of the query, the rising sun be in the 1st, 4rth, and the 7th ; 2nd, 5th and 8th; and in the 3rd, 6th and the 9th navamsas, the question refers to minerals, vegetables and animals respectively in an odd sign and in an even sign, the reverse holds good.



3. If at the time of query, the Saturn is found in an odd sign from the prasna lagna, the woman will have a male child, and if Saturn occupies an even position, a female child will be born.



4. If the Saturn is in the 7th house, the person asking the question will be married within three months from the date of asking the question.



5. If at the time of query, it is found that the Sun, Venus or Mars joins the 7th house, it refers that the person involved has an extra marital affair. Jupiter in the 7th house indicates that the woman is a prostitute and Saturn indicates that the person is a low caste man.



6. Any planet between the 8th house and the ascendant, predicts the safe return of a person who has gone to foreign land.



7. Recovery from illness should be predicted if the benefic are in prasna lagna.



8. Predict the nature of stolen article by considering the navamsa of the rising sun, the nature of the thief by drekkana and the age and the thief by the lord of the ascendant.



9. During the rainy season, predict early rain when the Saturn and Venus occupy the 7th house from the sun and the moon respectively and if the Saturn and Venus are in the 4th and 8th house from the prasna lagna.



Suppose a person wants to know whether his stolen goods can be regained or not, whether an individual suffering from serious illness will recover or not, whether it would be profitable to invest money in any business or not, whether a man will be beneficial through speculation or not, all such questions can be successfully answered with the Horary astrology and by following the above principles.
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