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Sun Sign Zodiac Compatibility With Aries - Horoscope Yearly

Sun Sign Zodiac Compatibility With Aries

Horoscope Yearly

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Sun Sign Zodiac Compatibility With AriesSun Sign Zodiac Compatibility With Aries

For Aries, it’s all about action, chemistry, and energy. If you have a connection, you’ll know it immediately. If not, don’t expect love to grow. Aries are either into you in a big way or not at all!

Compatibility with other zodiac signs:

  • With Aries – There will be a fierce competition to be number one.


  • With Taurus – Taurus is set in ways whereas Aries is impulsive.


  • With Gemini – Gemini is very clever enough to counter Aries’s need to dominate. Gemini will look for relationships outside but will keep it very secretive.


  • With Cancer – Cancer likes home. Aries hates being tied down. As Aries gets more aggressive Cancer gets more defensive.


  • With Leo – Aries like to be number one and Leo likes to be the king. So both do not take each other very seriously and make a good sexual match.


  • With Virgo – Aries is very impulsive whereas Virgo needs time. Aries insists on being the boss and Virgo gets very critical.

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  • With Libra – Both like the social life and entertaining, but Libra loves the harmony and Aries likes to be impulsive and in time both go opposite ways.


  • With Scorpio – Aries will not take orders and Scorpio will not take the back seat. This will be an unstable relationship.


  • With Sagittarius – Both are temperamentally a good match. But both are impulsive and very frank.


  • With Capricorn – Capricorn is very settled and practical whereas Aries is very impulsive. But Aries will come to respect Capricorn in the longer run and Capricorn will recognize the respect.


  • With Aquarius – Both are very independent signs and enjoy a wide range of interests and understanding.


  • With Pisces – A very happy union. Aries is enchanted by Pisces’s mystery and in turn Pisces likes the dominant qualities of Aries.


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