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Vedic Astrology In Modern Days - Horoscope Yearly

Vedic Astrology In Modern Days

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Vedic astrology in modern daysVedic Astrology In Modern Days

How It Helps To Steer Key Life Decisions


All of us have concerns about our future, life, family, wealth and health. Many of us address our personal and professional worries using the influence of Astrology. While astrology is a rather vast field with numerous branches and faiths, Vedic Astrology is considered to be a strong belief system that originated in India centuries ago.Today, Vedic Astrology forms a significant belief system and a guiding method for many people, both in India and in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.


It is widely believed that majority of misfortunes; setbacks, losses, diseases and delays are caused by planetary movements or ‘yooga’, which are in unfavorable positions. Various planetary positions cause astrological situations, namely, KaalSarp Dosh, Manglik Dosh, Pitra Dosh, Sade Sati. Many of these astrological positions are said to be responsible for causing disturbances in marriage, life, romance, careers and education.


Since Astrology is not an exact science and knowledge of specialized astrological interpretations is not common, there have been cases where facts have been misinterpreted.  Exact interpretation and intervention in Vedic Astrology needs special expertise and practice.


Vedic astrology as a discipline addresses every aspect of human life – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The fundamentals of Vedic Astrology are based on planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their impact on living beings on earth.


In Vedic astrology there are 27 constellations made up of 12 zodiac signs, 9 planets and 12 houses, Each house and planet symbolizes an aspect of human life and a person time, place of birth indicates how the 12 signs are distributed among 12 houses and 9 planets. The map, which represents the signs and planets, is widely known as a horoscope chart.


For centuries Vedic Astrology has been used as the exceptional system of prediction and calculations. These calculations are based upon the positions of stars and planets and are attuned for each zodiac sign that individuals may be born under.


Vedic astrology permits folks to identify what might occur in their future lives and advises possible remedies to help the situation. The idea behind the belief is to identify any incoming threat and to avoid them before they take place. Hindu Astrologer use apt and precise tools to spot out any hint within the life of an individual that could help them avert certain incidents from happening.


Astrologers usually use birth charts to predict the Bhavishya(future) of an entity. Vedic Astrologer says that the Indian Vedic Astrology also follows the Dasha system, which is based on the natal moon in the birth chart. It is also believed to be a precise indicator of future events.


By understanding the rapport between the planets, stars and the chakras astrologers perceive, where the energy is flowing or for the matter not flowing. This can be related to all forms of healing whether emotional, sexual, physical, karmic, mental or energetic.


In these technologically advanced eras we can find a lot of resources and tools to determine our Bhavishya. Internet has given us the ease of contacting live astrologer and knowing what lies in our path all from the comfort of our home. Vedic astrology can help us see our true, soul-level principle in life.

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About the Author:  In response to a universal desire to know, we bring you mPandit, a special live astrology service from India, where you can call and know what the stars have in store for you. Our Vedic astrologers are based in India, with years of experience in Vedic Astrology.



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