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Vedic Numerology Lesson 1 - Horoscope Yearly

Vedic Numerology Lesson 1

Horoscope Yearly

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Vedic Numerology Lesson 1Vedic Numerology Lesson 1


In the West Pythagorus discovered the the Law of Vibration. This Law states that each number has a particular vibration. Astro-Numerology is the synthesis of Astrology and Numerology, the perfect integration between the science of the Heavens and the Science of Numbers!


These nine numbers correspond to the nine planets in Astrology.

One represents the luminary SUN

Two represents the luminary MOON

Three represents the planet JUPITER

Four represents the planet RAHU

Five represents the planet MERCURY

Six represents the planet VENUS

Seven represents the planet KETU

Eight represents the planet SATURN

Nine represents the planet MARS


We will define Ketu and Rahu. They are the Nodes of the Moon. The Moon’s Ascending Node is Rahu and the Descending Node is Ketu. The orbit of the Sun and the Moon intersect at two points and they are these Nodes. Since now we know which planet represents which number, let us analyse the different properties of the nine base numbers


The concept of the Fadic Number

If you add up all the digits which comprise your date of birth eg -( 23/06/1955 = 2 3 0 6 1 9 5 5 = 31, 3 1 = 4 ) you get the combined Fadic Number . Here in this example it is 31 . 3 plus 1 = 4. So 4 is the Fadic Number Find out the Fadic Number of the person concerned. There are effects for both Fadic and the Combined Fadic Numbers.


Once you find the Fadic Number of the person, know that that person will have the characteristics of the planet representing that Number. Now we are giving here the effects for Unitarians, who are ruled by the Number ONE.

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These are the solar characteristics

This number is the middle and the centre of all numbers. This number represents all that is created and the visible Actuality. Individuals born under this number aspire for greatness in no uncertain way.


Basically creative and imaginative people having great originality and individuality people born under this number are determined and engaged in noble activities. These qualities will exist in no uncertain degree in those who are born on dates 1 10 19 28 etc. These qualities will be highly manifest in those born in the month when the Sun is in the highest exalted position.


(From March 21 to April 28 ). Persons born under this number always
rise high in their respective professions. To achieve the summum bonum the highest altaltissimo in their profession is their main objective. Whatever be their field they always protect their authority and the wishes of their subordinates.


They always use their days ( 1 10 19 28 ) for the implementation of their creative plans. They are very friendly with people whose numbers are 2 4 and 7. (With people whose birthdays are 2 4 7 11 13 16 20 22 25 29 and 31). The auspicious days are Sunday and Monday.


If the numbers 2 4 7 11 13 16 20 22 25 29 31 coincides with these days that days work will be highly fruitful.


Alexander the Great Charles the First James the First Lord Wellington and Emperor Paul of Russia were born under the influence of this number.

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Personality Overview

Controller of Life – SUN

It is the most powerful luminary in intrinsic strength. It is one of the functional luminaries and is the King in the Government of the Almighty. Hence all regal qualities are attributed to this luminary.

If the Unitarian – ruled by the number One – is you! You are interested in the psychic sciences. You are more active than contemplative.


You are regal in outlook and always adopt a pragmatic approach to life. You are more practical than sentimental.


You may be not successful in the worldly sphere as you are not much attached to wealth and possessions. You are not much careful about spending. You are frank and outspoken. Because of that you generate many secret enemies. But they will always dread you because of your inherent fine qualities.


The Sun represents Prudence the greatest of all the seven cardinal virtues. This quality will be predominant in you. As this virtue predominates in you people will honour and respect you even during adversity.


An Analytical Review

The zodiac sign representing this number is Leo. (Don’t confuse this with the birth sign in Astrology). People born under this zodiacal constellation are truly leonine and overactive. Regal in outlook and adventurous in nature Leoninians always push their way to the top. If the Sun is strongly positioned in their horoscopes they will definitely get chances to exhibit their regal valour.


People consider you rash and ambitious. The Sun represents Politics the science of the state. The Solarians are usually politically conscious and politically oriented. If these people are born in between March 21 to April 28 ( viz – when the Sun is in a state of deep exaltation ) their shining in political field will become a living reality.


You can expect political victory when the Sun transits favourable points like March 21 to April 28 and August 16 to Sept 16. Your main drawback is that you jump into things without much aforethought . You should learn to persevere rather than quit. Patience is another virtue which you should incorporate.


Regarding diseases the most likely disease which may affect the Solarians is the disease of the heart. Blood pressure is also another. Eye troubles are also indicated. Their best fruits and medicinal leaves are dried grapes nutmeg orange lemon and ginger. They should take in honey. They should take care of their health at the ages 19 28 37 55.


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