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What A Zodiac Sign States - Horoscope Yearly

What A Zodiac Sign States

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Zodiac SignWhat A Zodiac Sign States


Astrology evaluates people according to the star under they were born. In fact, it deals with the sun. It reveals in which zodiac sign the sun stood at the time of birth. This typology attributes one of the twelve zodiac signs to a person and takes a look at its nature. Attitudes like ways of thinking are described, and also if someone is nitty-gritty, or tends to be daydreaming. Or whether someone is guided by his ego, or rather listens to his heart.


This gives only a picture of subtle influences on a person and not a description of the complete nature. A human being is – needless to say – more than the result of astrological influences. However, such powers can always have significant consequences on the everyday reality.


The influence of the celestial bodies

A horoscope regards the influences of the planets on a zodiac sign. This happens for a confined period of time: a month or a year. Even a daily astrological reflection does make sense. Such horoscopes can traditionally be found in the newspaper and on the internet for free.


Besides the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are of great significance for horoscopes. And the moon of course, which needs only a month to circle around the earth. That’s why the moon is of such great importance for short term predictions, for instance daily or weekly ones.


The duration of the circumnavigation serves as a criterium for the classification of the planets as “long-distance runners” or “sprinters” so to speak. Mercury, Venus and Mars belong to the “sprinters”. It takes them at least three month and at most two years to circle around the sun. The earth and its companion the moon should also be classified in this group, which is meaningful for the astrological prognosis.


All the remaining planets of our galaxy are relevant for astrology, too. They can be classified as “long-distance runners”. Saturn needs 29 years to circle around the sun, for example, and Pluto needs 248 years. These celestial bodies are suitable to analyze the development of society, whether there are chances of more peace or in which direction the earth seems to evolve. However, they also deliver important clues for the personal horoscope of birth, or the annual love horoscope.


How can horoscopes be classified?


To answer this question, we should compare the astrological prognosis with other ways of divination and life coaching. Therefor these methods are allocated into three groups:

    • Observation of nature


The astrological analysis of the stars is likewise part of this observation as fortune telling via clouds and other atmospheric conditions. It is crucial that the observer doesn’t wield influence on the matters he interprets. That’s why palm reading can also be sorted in this group. The numerology, which explains the natural numbers esoterically, is to be listed here as well.

    • Perception and introspection


The personal senses perceive what matters to foretell the present and the future – or for the analysis of the personality. The paranormal clairvoyance is part of this group as well as the scientifically proven dream interpretation. The attempt to establish contact to a departed person – or another ectoplasmic being – also belongs to this category.

    • Oracles


They test fate by lot. Throwing runes, consulting the I-Ching or interpreting tarot cards also belongs to this group. Free online-oracles, which deliver a prophecy or advice at the touch of a button, also analyze the will of destiny.

Horoscopes in the course of time

What do the stars tell us about the future? Scholars asked this questions thousands of years ago in Mesopotamia, where we can locate the beginnings of astronomy. The focus of early astrological reflection lied probably on agriculture, especially on the connection between the success of the harvest and the time factor.


The date follows from the position of the planets, and from the date follows an ideal time for the seed and the crop. Back then, the people didn’t strictly differentiate between cause and consequence, between fortunetelling and science. Not before the development of methodological research, the scholars began to separate astronomy from astrology. At first, the astrology was kept in the sidelines. However, since spirituality and magic have been rediscovered in the past 200 years, more attention has been given to the astrology as an instrument of augury and spiritual counseling.


The first horoscopes appeared in ancient Greece. The personal characteristics or the challenges of the upcoming life were interpreted by the date of the birth. The weekly or annual prognosis arose at some remote period.They have been spread in the last century by the increasing media environment.


Readers of newspapers are used to find their daily horoscope there. Many glossy magazines, that deal with fashion, beauty and lifestyle, offer a monthly prediction. By the end of the year, some of them also publish an annual preview.


Psychic stars in an online world

Zodiac signs have always been a part of this website. Oracles and card readings give answers with the help of their meanings. Meanwhile, also horoscopes are available here. It can be found out, what the stars tell us about the upcoming month or which challenges should be expected in the current year – for instance in matters of love and flirting.


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